Noted: Links from the Week

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  • A really fascinating interview (with gifs) of a master and creator of a very unique craft. Saul Bass on his approach to designing movie title sequences (Medium)
  • Bianchi factory visit (Cyclist)
  • Finally, a profile of the most prolific interviewer working today, Terry Gross. (New York Times Magazine)
  • Well this snaps everything into perspective. Mark Goffeney has no arms, shreds on guitar.  (Vimeo)
  • The untold story of comedy’s most notorious (frat) house. (BuzzFeed)
  • Why Malcolm Gladwell’s ideas are so interesting, whether or not they’re true…a.k.a. The Danger of Interestingness. (Quartz)
  • "I said to Andy Warhol 'I love the soup can' and he looked at me like 'You don't belong here.' What a time that was." Bill Murray does an AMA (Reddit)


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