My Everyday Carry

This is my EDC right now. It’s not fancy or expensive. It’s pretty much just the basics, and as I look at it spread out, I realize it’s all about getting around NYC lightly and quickly. I'm not one for having my pockets filled with stuff.

I realize these posts are so unoriginal, but still, I wanted to give a nod to some of the makers/brands who are producing things (Namely M&U and Benjamin Bott) that have held up, and I like enough to carry around every day. 

  1. Sony Headphones - Don’t know the model, but they have track skip and volume, which is all I care about. 
  2. Keys - M&U Co. Brass Keyring. Has held up nicely over the last year. Bought it as a gift for someone else (Hey Henry!) and couldn’t part with it.  Citibike Key - Another NYC transportation necessity. 
  3. Seiko 007 Diver - Just got this two months ago and I pretty much haven’t worn my other watch since. It’s an incredibly inexpensive mechanical watch that has a classic look and fits my wrist perfectly. I really love it. 
  4.  Car2Go - One of the best new ways to get around Brooklyn. Would take it over Uber any day.
  5. iPhone
  6. Dentyne gum - Yeah it's Ice. 
  7. Benjamin Bott Seagull Wallet - Just got this from my friend at benjaminn Bott and really loving the size, feel, and yes, smell, of this leather. Looking forward to seeing it age over the next few years.