James McNabb's Wood City Sculptures

James McNabb builds little cities out of wood. “The City Series” is a group of handmade urban environments that are cut from scrap pieces of wood with a bandsaw. He calls it: “Sketching with a bandsaw." Now he has a new show called "Metros".

I came across McNabb’s work over at Colossal, where there are a ton more pictures. On his blog, McNabb includes a bunch of build photos and also describes the process of making City Wheel 2:

“City Wheel 2 is composed of 360 wedge shaped pieces of American Black Walnut wood that was salvaged from a storm felled tree in Lincoln Park, NJ. The pieces are arranged to display a variety of natural colors, from dark brown to warm blonde, all from one single tree.

Each piece is tapered on four sides and joined to make a 360 degree composition that is three rows deep. Once the geometry was defined, and the pieces were made, I began the long process of band-saw cutting each piece into intricate and abstracted architectural forms. The resulting sculpture is a circular city skyline laced with patterns and textures that mimic the urban landscape.”

The most recent collection of McNabb’s incredible work “Metros”  is on display in Miami at the Robert Fontaine Gallery