Keep the Old Cars Alive for Christ's Sakes!

We throw away cars so easily. You get a little dinged up and the insurance adjuster shows up and calls it totaled. It doesn't matter if it's got low mileage, if it's a collector car, or if it just needs a little work. They do they precious paperwork and then send you a check.

This is what I'm fighting right now. I don't want that check. And I don't think I'm alone. 

At least this guy is with me, driving a '56 Porsche around the mountain like a boss. Patina is a nice things these days. The guys at Icon are in it. Everyone appreciates it, but we'll never get it if we throw away the cars because they got a little scratched or a little dinged. That's what makes patina happen. That what makes things real nice. 

Don't expect any insurance adjuster to get that though. 

Video and images via Petrolicious