Shop Visit: Reed Hansuld

Reed Hansuld makes this chair. It's a rocking chair, made of walnut, with a metal skeleton and it’s been on my mind for weeks. Why? Rocker No. 1 seems to defy gravity and forces you to suspend disbelief as you look at it. It’s absolutely remarkable. 

I first came across Hansuld's work when I was looking for some examples of molded plywood for this post. And since then I've been following his Instagrams, which reveal whimsical wood twists and very serious pieces of furniture that, well, appear to to come from the hands of someone much older than Hansuld, who is 27.

Hansuld came from Canada, with a stop in Maine where he seems to have really mastered his craft, and now he's posted up in a corner of Red Hook which is home to one of NYC's last creative enclaves. He’s got a space in a larger shop, takes cigarette breaks on the balcony and then turns out these beautiful pieces. He’s been in the City for just over a year and has already firmly established himself with gallery representation and also over at Fiercely Made

Hansuld’s Rocker No. 1 is just one example of his amazing collection of heirloom furniture, pieces that really will be handed down to children or grandchildren. There are end tables with arcing legs, dining room chairs, stools, and coffee tables that play with form beautifully without sacrificing function. All appear firmly routed in the tradition of handmade furniture, while also appearing absolutely contemporary as well. It’s a fine line that a lot of designers try and pull of but few do.