The Stay: Hotel Gutkowski

If you’re heading to Sicily, it’s hard to imagine a better place to stay than Hotel Gutkowski in Syracuse, at least it was my favorite from a recent trip.

We spent four nights there this August, and could have happily spent four more. I just came across some photos from the stay and wanted to post them in case you’re planning a trip to Sicily anytime soon.

Syracuse is an ancient city in southern Sicily originally settled by the Greeks during the peak of their empire. Like the rest of Sicily, walking around Syracuse, and the city’s ancient center Ortega, feels like walking through an open archeology site. The layers of history and various cultures, the stunning architerure…it’s unlike anywhere I’ve been. 


Then of course there’s the food. Pastas. Fresh fish and vegetables. Wine. All reasonably priced, and pretty much all delicious. 

The  hotel pictured here, is close to swimming spots, restaurants and has an incredibly chilled out vibe. I also really appreciated (of course) the handmade furniture. I’m not sure if it was part of a rotating collection or not, but it certainly made the character of the hotel. 

While not the cheapest option around, the cost to stay still seems incredibly reasonable, especially for Americans used to spending far more for an equivalent experience stateside. If you’re heading that way, I can’t recommend it enough.