Making the Porsche 356

How do you make something as beautiful as the Porsche 356?

From flat steel to a streamline 356, the full process is revealed in a classic old film on the National Geographic History channel on YouTube. Be warned, the film is a bit corny and dated. Still, I can’t stop wondering if these factory workers had any idea that the cars they were building would turn out to be so sought-after so many years after leaving the factory? Did they know they were making something so iconic? I doubt it. 

Read the comments on the original YouTube video and you’ll find two guys lamenting the times they sold their 356s, when their wives got pregnant back in the 70s. One says he sold his for $700. 

Today over on Hemmings, you can find a 1964 Porsche 356 in Florida for a cool $78,000. Or there’s the one in Southampton selling for $255,000. 

Somethings really are worth holding onto, lest you find yourself commenting on YouTube videos 30 years later.