Taylor Stitch Moto Collection

Years ago I had a plan to start a company that made motorcycle jackets, back when I had a bike. I partnered with some friends and made a few prototypes, but the realities of launching a brand on such a high price point item set in, and we abandoned ship. I still wear one of the samples though.  

I like to think that we would have made something close to as nice as what the team at Taylor Stitch has done with their Moto Jacket, which is part of their larger Moto Collection. It's quality, functional gear that's built to hold up to whatever you can throw at it, without being overly technical. 

I appreciate that. A lot of motorcycle jackets are designed purely for the ride. They don't necessarily wear well off the bike.  

The Moto Jacket is made in San Francisco by Golden Bear and is based on a jacket from 43 years ago. It’s made with the same whiskey brown steer hide leather as the original, which has held up incredibly well, and is enough to make you want to ride out to the headlands at sunrise, or at least open up a new browser tab and search for “Vintage Honda CB” and “BMW R Series”.

It is for me at least.  

While the jackets are currently being replenished, Huckberry still has a few if you're interested. There's also a pair of jeans in the Moto Collection and a few other pieces that are built for life on the bike, but would do just fine off it as well.