Red Wing Boots: Loss and Renewal

The new Red Wing Iron Rangers with Beckman soles.

The new Red Wing Iron Rangers with Beckman soles.

This was originally going to be a post about the importance of resoling Red Wings Iron Rangers with something with some more grip, and how to go about doing that. 

But after I sent mine back to Red Wing Minnesota for a factory resole and the job was completed, I never received them. I was gone over New Years, and apparently they were taken after they were delivered outside my apartment. 

The Iron Rangers really are the best boots I've ever owned. Granted, it takes some time to break them in, but once broken-in, they really are boots you expect to wear for life. They're damn comfortable and damn handsome too. But those soles. Well, they just don't have a lot of grip. 

And the old boots before resole and loss. 

And the old boots before resole and loss. 

And having a favorite pair of boots, especially a pair of Iron Rangers that I'd broken in over the course of four years, disappear in the middle of winter is fairly devastating. And luckily, the good people at Red Wing completely get this. I can’t describe how helpful and kind they were. 

I get that great customer service has come to be something we expect from companies, but I’d still like to take a second and applaud Red Wing. They were on top of the situation as soon as they found out, filing a claim with UPS and keeping me posted with updates. In our first conversation, a Red Wing customer service rep, obviously sensing my forlornness, assured me, “Whatever happens, we'll make this right and you’ll have a pair of boots.” 

And I did. When it was determined the boots were gone, Red Wing called me to tell me a new pair of Iron Rangers were all ready in their workshop, getting the new soles I had sent the original pair back to get, and would be finished shortly. They even had my size on file, which is good because I had no idea what size the old boots were. 

Beckman soles on the Iron Rangers. 

The new pair showed up quickly and while it will take a little time to break them in, I couldn’t be more happy and proud to sport a great pair of boots from an even greater company. 

If you’re interested in the Iron Rangers, you can buy them here from our friends at Huckberry. I do recommend getting a sole with more tread though put on them, as they really are slippery.