A Few Free Lightroom Presets

Without a doubt, Lightroom has become one of my favorite photography tools over the last three years. It's taken me that long to really learn my way around it (and I still feel like I have a lot to learn). Part of making the most of Lightroom is having a good batch of presets to be able to quickly manipulate a photo. VSCO has a TON that are worth checking out, but I've made a few that I want to share with you here as well. 

No one preset works for all photos, not for me at least. I think different photos require different— sometimes very different—post processing. In general I prefer cooler sharp photos, but of course not all subjects have cooler tones, some are warm and some look good grainy too. I almost never use a preset when editing low-light photos, especially speed blurs. With that in mind, I wanted to share three presets that I often use as jumping off points when I edit photos. One is cool, one is warm and contrasty, and one is sort of a subtle inbetween preset that I find works well for indoor situations.

A final note: I shoot RAW with a Canon 6D, so I suspect these will work best with a similar set up. The photos below show the RAW conversion after applying each filter. Most likely I would then go in after and continue to adjust. 

To download the Lightroom presets just go here and enter your email to get the link.

Get the Hand & Eye Lightroom presets.

Hand & Eye Lightroom Preset 1

Hand & Eye Lightroom Preset 2

Hand & Eye Lightroom Preset 3

Get the Hand & Eye Lightroom presets.