For the Love of the Point and Shoot

Think shooting film sounds too laborious, expensive or technical?  

Try a point and shoot camera. I promise you will not be let down. 

I was inspired by my friend Tommy McDermott’s photos and picked up a Nikon One Touch online. At $75, it’s an “expensive” point and shoot. But given the ubiquity of these cameras in the 90s, it’s easy to find one in the $20 range. Seriously. 


I love shooting with it. Not only is it super easy (literally: point and shoot), the images are so rich in color, it stuffs away easily in a jacket pocket and, it’s not so precious that I don’t mind passing it around a party or dinner. In fact, putting it in someone else’s hands has become one of my favorite parts of bringing it out. Since it’s got that old vintage look, it almost always immediately sparks a bit of nostalgic joy in whoever holds it, and, it’s always a fantastic surprise seeing their images after they’re developed. 


The fact that you don’t have to put the images through a filter or preset afterwards to achieve that “film look” is just icing on the cake. 


If you’re looking to grab one, I suggest these resources:

Where to Buy
F Stop Cameras and Altitude Camera always have a pretty good selections and are good places to start.
Etsy and Ebay are great resources too. 

I like shooting Ektar and Porta, but I’m not too precious about it. Try inexpensive films, expired films, drugstore films or anything else that fills the camera.