The Boy's Journey

I’ve been a regular reader of The Endless Bummer for years. Back in 2008, while struggling to stay awake during overnight shifts at ABC Radio, Endless Bummer took me through countless long nights. And since then, I’ve checked in regularly for inspiration and brief mental vacations from the life in tall buildings that we NYC-based surfers experience. 

When it comes to blogs I’ve read and followed regularly for years, Endless Bummer is just about right at the top. And this is all to say, I’m really excited that Todd Stewart, the guy behind the blog, is working with his son to produce a surf movie project called The Boy’s Journey. It’s not, thank god, your typical surf movie. This one will be a thoughtful documentary about Stewart’s son learning the ways of surfing and surf culture. 

They’re raising money now on Kickstarter and I’m a proud supporter. You should be too. It’s a worthy and important project. You can read an interview with Stewart here and donate to the Kickstarter here