Let's Go Easy in 2018

Sunrise in The Alps

Sunrise in The Alps

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Last year was. A. Grind. I think we can all agree about that. 2017 chewed us up, ground us down and spat us out. So this year, let's all strive for something more genial, more tender. Let’s all go easy in 2018. 

I’m not saying we shouldn't call B.S. on things that are wrong. We need to do that more than ever. I’m talking about choosing our battles, approaching strangers with a bit more humanity, and picking the gentle approach over the combative.  

Some humble suggestions:

To all my fellow men out there, let's stop being creeps. Let’s be gentle, kind and generous in all of our interactions. 

To all my fellow subway riders, let's really give up our seats to the pregnant women and the old people this year. 

To all the people commenting on articles on the internet, let's use our real names and refrain from saying anything we wouldn't say in real person. 

To everyone driving a car (especially in New York), let’s go easy on our horns. 

To everyone else, let's remember that everyone out there is carrying some hidden burden and deserving of empathy. 

Let’s all go easy on each other in 2018.