John Prine is a National Treasure


I grew up singing along with my uncle as he played John Prine’s Christmas in Prison and Speed of the Sound of Loneliness on guitar. These are the songs of a certain time of my life, so there’s a high nostalgia factor when I watch this great video from The House of Strombo. But even if you didn’t do John Prine sing-alongs with your family, I think there’s a lot to love about his music and this video (the Gordon Lightfoot cameo alone is fantastic).

If you’re unfamiliar with John Prine, please take a moment to get to know him. Poets more often than not have no commercial appeal, for good reason. What they say isn’t always commercially appealing! But it needs to be said, especially these days (go listen to the unfortunately still relevant Sam Stone to see what I mean).

John Prine was a mailman when he got his first gig playing music. He’s long since quit delivering the mail, but he’s still bringing us the goods every day.