Holiday Gift Guide

Every year we scramble to find the right gifts for our friends and family, or at least I do. This year is no different. As of publishing, I haven't bought a single gift (well one). So hopefully this guide helps my fellow procrastinators out there. This year, I compiled an eclectic group of products that I've either found great joy from this year, or would be happy to receive myself. You'll see gifts from brands and makers we've featured on the site and beyond. Enjoy and Happy Holidays. 


Totem Candles

These big are ideal for when the lights go out, whenever a gentler mood is required. Available in a bunch of different colors and three sizes. Unscented. individually at Areaway ($12-$20). Sets at Food52

Velvet Notebook

Keep track of all things, scribble important notes, wrote a haiku now. This one supports schools. $20 via Public School. 

RPG Sunglasses

From our friends at Knickerbocker and Lowercase, this is a collaboration for the books. The RPG's are a homage to the glasses given to troops (Regulation Prescription Sunglasses). $325 via Lowercase

Turn Table 

Few things have given me so much calm in the last few years. For all the snark out there about the hipster vinyl love affair, record players really do force you to slow down and relax - in the best way possible. More on that here. This machine has treated me very well and I've recommended it to a few friends who have bought their own. $270 via Bestbuy. 

Hestra Gloves

Never in the history of the world has anyone been upset about receiving a pair of leather gloves as a gift. These are made of Nordic Elk leather. Take that winter! $99 via Huckberry

Watch Cap

Help a loved one channel their inner Steve Zissou with Finistere's Fisherman's Beanie. $20 via Huckberry

Point and Shoot Camera

This is the Nikon One Touch, but any point and shoot camera will bring endless joy to a creative friend or loved one. No need for messing with photoshop, filters or presets. Just frame and shoot, and the images come out looking fantastic. Things were simpler before digital. $20 up at F Stop Cameras.  

Magnum Contact Sheets

You can learn a lot looking about a photographer by closely examining their most notable images, but maybe you can learn even more by looking at the images that didn't make the cut. With Contact Sheets, you can see how photographers approached taking their iconic images, from various angles and settings. $29 via Amazon

Life's a Beach

Martin Parr is one of my favorite photographers, and this book collects some of his most famous beach images in one place to inspire and delight. $22 via Amazon


Recently I made the case why we should sharpen our own knives. This universal sharpening system, and a little time, is all a cook needs to get their knives sharp.Trust me, it's worth it. $50 from Garrett Wade

Shun Knife

The best knife in my drawer, and why I learned to sharpen my own knives. It was given to me years ago and it's something I enjoy using almost every single day. $150 via Sur La Table.  

Opinel Knife

They're not the toughest blades on the market, but for the price and functionality, they're hard to beat. Grab one for yourself and for a few friends. $29 via Huckberry

Timex Marlin

This watch got a lot of attention this year for good reason. It's a sub $200 mechanical watch redesigned to be true the vintage original. It's like the watch gods heard what we were asking for. Would make a perfect gift for someone new to the watch world, or anyone who appreciates a sharp watch. $200 via Timex

B&O Play

For the music/design lover in your life, a bluetooth system that looks as good as it sounds. $249 via Huckberry. See also the $99 UE Roll. 

Rocket Air Blaster

As important as an extra batter, the Rocket Blaster deserves a spot in every photographer's bag. It works great for cleaning any devices though. $12 via Amazon

Plant In TOPO

This design award-worthy terrarium from Plant-in City is one of my favorite Huy Bui creations. $175 via WorkOf.  

Procida Blanket

Take a nap and sleep easy under Carline Hurley's Procida blanket. $265 via CZH

Buke Candle Holder

The Buka candlestick from Souda kind of makes it look like your candles are hovering in midair. Lovely clean design and available in two colors. $45 via Souda.